Attracting Youth into a Sustainable Supply Chain Workforce: A Pilot Project

Despite the almost unlimited opportunities youth are offered in Alberta, including a strong economy and quality education, according to Government of Alberta statistics, youth unemployment rates (10.7% in 2011) are almost double the rate for all Albertans over the age of 15 years (5.5% in 2011). At the same time, studies of the supply chain workforce, as described by the Calgary Logistics Council’s 2012 Accelerator Project and that of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council’s national HR Study Update, indicate an alarming current and growing need for skilled supply chain professionals and workers at all levels. In just 10 occupations alone, the Accelerator Project forecasts a requirement of 50,000 supply chain workers in Alberta between 2011 and 2020.

The Youth Workforce Project (YWP), led by the Van Horne Institute in partnership with the Calgary Logistics Council, is funded by Alberta Human Services. The YWP sets about to connect two relevant elements: youth who are unemployed or not in school or training and employers who are seeking ways to attract and retain young people who are needed to fill the gap of supply chain workers leaving due to demographic shifts and the challenges faced due to Alberta’s economic growth. A Project Advisory Committee composed of enthusiastic, knowledgeable professionals from industry and education guides the YWP and works with the Van Horne Institute’s Project team.

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To view the Phase 3 – Connecting with industry report, please click YISC Phase 3 Report and to view the YISC Phase 3 Appendices.