The Van Horne Institute Releases a Paper Highlighting Canada’s Transportation Future, as Canadians Prepare to Celebrate Canada

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June 30, 2016

The Van Horne Institute Releases a Paper Highlighting Canada’s Transportation Future, as Canadians Prepare to Celebrate Canada

CALGARY, AB – With the July 1st holiday upon us, the countdown towards our 150th birthday as a nation begins.  Looking retrospectively, this country has been built from sea to sea to sea, through a combination of railways, highways, airlines, pipelines and ports, as well as connecting our economy with international markets.

Because of the importance of transportation to our economy, the policies that govern Canada’s transportation demand constant review and revision.  On February 25, 2016, the Honourable Marc Garneau tabled a review of Canada’s transportation policy, entitled, “Pathways: Connecting Canada’s Transportation System to the World” (Pathways).  The review was chaired by the Honourable David Emerson who was supported by a team of distinguished advisors.  “Pathways” is the result of more than 480 meetings and round table discussion with various stakeholders, 230 written submissions and 36 targeted research projects.  Its more than 200 recommendations cover a broad range of topics from governance and the North, to an expanded role for the Agency as well as important changes to air/airports, passenger and freight rail and marine transportation.

Today, the Van Horne Institute is releasing a report entitled, “The Path Ahead: Assessment of the 2015 Canada Transportation Act Review Report”.  The study is authored by the Van Horne Institute in collaboration with Colledge Transportation Consulting Inc.

“The Path Ahead” brings a critical focus to Emerson’s fundamental theme that Canada must understand the key global trends and developing patterns that will have an impact on Canada as a trading nation and its transportation system over the next 20 – 30 years.

As Canadian businesses, citizens and communities prepare for Canada’s 150th birthday, “The Path Ahead” addresses a number of important questions, with an understanding that transportation should be viewed as a centerpiece of Canada’s long-term economic policy:

A copy of the report is attached and can be found here


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